Tiny Stock moving up on huge volume

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wallmann, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. wallmann

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    Looks like regardless of what the DOW & NASDAQ are going buyers are piling into GSTRF today, over 12 million shares driving this tiny one up to .83
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    At EliteTrader we don't discuss the intraday movements of penny stocks, otherwise it might look like someone is trying to pump. There are many other boards for that (SI, Yahoo, MSN).
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    GSTRF looks like it might be up big because of the use of some kind of system to communicate with the crew of jet liners. I think it's linked to Qualcomm; it was on CNBC a couple of times today.


    With all due respect, as I value your input on this site, why do you speak in such an authoritative manner regarding what we at Elite Trader do and do not discuss. I agree that pumping penny stocks (or any other stock) should not be condoned on a site of this caliber but it seems to me that most here wouldn't blindly buy/sell a stock without investigating because someone mentioned it on ET. And if they did, shame on them. And the discussion of this matter should serve as a warning for any "newbies" out there who might get excited about such postings.
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    With all sincerity I value your input too. It has been made clear in the past on a few occasions by various moderators that ET was not going to degenerate into possible pump 'n dump type discussions. With the large number of new traders among the membership, it seriously concerned me that a new poster was maybe testing the waters. I've seen this happen on quite a few other trader sites and, while everyone is responsible for their actions, etc. I don't like seeing people potentially get taken in. Admittedly I might not have granted benefit of the doubt, and if so, I apologize.
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    Hey, I agree. I too would hate to see people get taken in by pump n' dump schemes. Thanks for the polite response because as I said originally, I don't mean any disrespect to you or your post.

    Anyhow, I do think that is the reason that stock is up, but who knows.

    See you around the boards. :)