Timpthy Sykes: Cheat, Snake Oil Salesman, Fraud, Liar and Con Artist

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rcanfiel, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Once an ET Sponsor stoops to using fake aliases to pimp his questionable offerings, his ass should be booted out.

    He makes Bullz n Bears look like a bumbling saint!!!
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  3. T minus 10, 9, 8... before Bob gets accused of being Tim in disguise.
  4. jebara

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    I posted a similar topic Tim had them ban my account.
  5. I enjoy having Tim around the board. He is funny, entertaining, and have achieved more than anybody else at his young age. He is a prodigy among us washouts...

    <5 mins before I get accused of being a paper trader, or Tim's alter ego..
  6. LOL oh hell no TuderJones, you won't be accused of being Timmay, you are an enigma in your own right, we all know you're not Timmay!

    Oh man I remember the days of your entertaining posts. LOL

  7. i dont believe sykes for a fucking nanosecond, and I think he acts like a sociopath. His cheap sales tactics are pathetic and any clear minded professional couldnt appreciate any of the crap he spews.

    I think Baron is making a big mistake allowing this clown to operate here the way he does and this place has been reduced by a bunch.
  8. Who fucking gives a rat's ass who pays for this place? Everyone here needs to take a reality check....Timmay is a boil on the long road of life...He is worse than a realtor for God's sake....Ignore him and he will go away.
  9. It is hard to keep up with his...
  10. I agree; Sykes: what a cheesy punk!

    (So what, he has some PR dude begging to get Sykes on TV and other media...and sometimes he gets on TV to embarrass himself and pimp book/dvd...thats not any real accomplishment! )
    #10     Oct 12, 2007