TimothySykes Hedgie Performance

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  1. achilles28


    Can someone in the know (or Timmay himself), post the historical year-by-year performance of his fund?

    I'm genuinely curious.
  2. This was covered already in other threads, Use the search button instead of starting yet another thread on the same topic. For all the complaining people do about Tim, you are giving him multiple threads and attention.

    Keep it confined to one thread so the rest of us can discuss something more relevant than Tim lol.

    Mods please move this to chit chat or somewhere more relevant.
  3. Please delete this thread.
  4. achilles28


    WhoA!! Settle down, big guy!

    Im not going to waste 3+ hours sifting through hundreds of pages to save you the 'hassle'.

    And I haven't written one word for or against Tim. So you're accusation out of the gate was uncalled for.
  5. achilles28


    What are you guys so bent out of shape about?

  6. achilles28


    Okay. So I saw his results thanks to a kind gentlemen who shall remain unnamed ;)

    Hope 2007 is a better year for you Tim.

    All the best.
  7. Pekelo


    Your inability to use the Search function...
  8. achilles28


    Since when is the utterance of Timmay Sykes sacred ground on Et??

    Relax Perky.
  9. If you did not want to use the search function, why not post in the existing thread where the subject is being discussed instead of opening more and more threads on a useless subject.

    Seems pretty straigthforward..
  10. achilles28


    OC, you seem like a cool guy. I dont want to bicker with you.

    All the best.
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