timothy sykes

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by larrybf, Jun 19, 2009.

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  2. that mostly puts covestor into a questionable light, rather than the opposite assertion
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  3. I mean why would anyone want a vulgar clod like that to succeed ?

    Bad enough there are so many really lousy musicians and singers making a good living appealing to the deaf and dumb, do we really need Sykes making millions?

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  4. piker account = $30,000 profit in 20 months... this is my final post on this thread because moronic posts like the last one aggravate me to much,,,,,,,,,,,,GOODBYE,,, GOT MY QUESTION ANSWERED BY THE FACT THAT THIS THREAD ATTRACTED ANSWERED IN FULL PRAISE AND SUPPORT BY NOT ONE BUT TWO OF THE FAMOUS ELITE TRADER LOWLIFE......
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  5. Hey, Larry's BoyFriend: Really putting yourself out there, aren't you? Especially when you post such gems as:

    to short these pathetic illiquid pieces of turd....but hey he only has a hanful of subscribers


    is timothy sykes truly a little snotty "douche" or is this just a brilliant marketing ploy to appeal to the overwhelming majority of traders out there....clueless losers!!!!!............
    #65     Jun 23, 2009