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  1. Go over to the Neke thread... it seems so.
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  2. Sushi


    It's the pain medicine. Causes delusions all the time. Nothing here ladies. Move along
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  3. now be serious. Soros makes .0000000001% of his income from books, and it appears that Sykes is making 90%+ from being a public persona and infoseller , not a trader.

    Seems odd that if he was confident in his abilities that he'd waste so much energy on that side of it.

    Lets face it, the fact that the penny market is manipulated and is mostly an excuse for pure online gambling, is not news.

    I've seen some of Sykes material, and the whole scheme could be boiled down to a one page double spaced set of rules. How he has pumped out 10 DVD's on this is a miracle.
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  4. some of us were hammering him on this well before he left. Brandon was ALWAYS about building his brand and ET refused to call him on it.
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  5. Brandonf

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    Thats why they are so lucky to have you.

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  6. If you're not receiving a check from him now, you must be aiming to receive it soon. My guess is that you plan to raise some capital from him.
    It's blatantly obvious that your relationship to Sykes is business.

    Does not matter, if he is such an amazing trader as he claims with the amazing credibility of covestor (LOL!) to back him up, a small incubator fund can be easily formed out of him. All he would have to do is trade and replicate the results, the rest of the work would be administered by someone else. You & I both know that this is what is done with traders of such skill & talent.

    Actions speak louder than words and your actions versus your words in the case of Timothy Sykes speak volumes.
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  7. Which part of your multiple Goodbye Forever to EliteTraders posts and threads did you mean???


    Remember, when you said you were leaving, and then you came back to respond to the number of people who were glad to see you go, and then you said you were having someone remove your connectibility to ET so you could not get back in, and here you are again?

    Does your word have no meaning to you??? A number of people finally figured out you were little more than a self-pitying huckster.

    Or are you back for more Brandon Rep Building and Self-Marketing 102?????
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  9. shh....thunderdog.....turbo timmy is hoping that no one will realize that this strategy is total piker bs....i do not think more than 10 people can get a small amount of shares to short these pathetic illiquid pieces of turd....but hey he only has a hanful of subscribers who have even tried trading with real $$$$....
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  10. truth be told, COVESTOR IS REAL MONEY ACCOUNT--how can it be PIKER or MANIPULATED??


    do not ARGUE WITH SUCCESS, if you do, you are DOOMED to fail!

    surf:D :D
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