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  1. Well, to those who do not know, you are earning a check by jumping at any chance to promote Mr. Sykes.

    But to anyone who knows trading, it's pretty obvious his results are "massaged" to say the least. What is more interesting is how Sykes has been pumping Covestor from day one and Covestor was pumping Sykes and their whole site is centered around him.

    But hey, since you do represent investor moneys, why don't you start a whole new fund with him? I mean who cares about double digit & triple digit returns, you got Mr. Sykes doing FIVE digit returns which are 100% TRUE & ACCURATE (courtesy of covestor). You know, you have some capital, why don't you seed another fund with him.

    Or maybe, behind your career & veil, you also take a big note of the fact that the top question to Sykes from his followers is which brokers allow to short these pennys, a question to which he can never give a straightforward answer. He is a douchebag, a big one, but also a clever one.
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  2. LOL!

    I'm not talking about SOES bandits but it's funny that you have yet to figure out that his story is a dime a dozen from those times. There are guys that made & lost more than 2 million on daily gaps during those times.
    His main correct move was actually keeping the money, whether by luck or skill. His fund record from 2002 on is a joke considering all the hype he spreads about himself.
    I've worked with guys who made more money and from nothing as they simply went to whatever prop was hiring then. They don't need to parade their audits around, they have their money & work on their businesses & trading. They don't take it for granted & stay humble, because they appreciate the rare opportunity they got to take advantage of.
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  3. Nexen


    Ack you guys have such a hard time giving credit where credit is due.

    Bunch of sore losers is all you reflecting in the eyes of the others.

    16k to 2 Million is like wow!
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  4. the broker is TOS. Sykes is clear about it.

    covestor is suppose to be a real money competition and it looks like sykes is doing it again.....this time with full transparency.

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  5. I wouldn't be so fast to talk, by the way, that kid you had with your sister, howz it doing?

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  6. Sykes knows stuff, but I'm suspicious of his results. Except for a few displayed losers, he mentions dozens of stocks, but miraculously MOSTLY trades the winners.

    Hard to say if he's actually fos, but I'm not 100% buying it.

    If he was only 1/2 as good as his posted results, he would not need to hustle a web site. Makes no sense, unless he needs a following to help him frontrun the trades.

    How about it timmy?
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  7. no, never recieved a dime from mr. sykes.

    your entitled to your opinion, however, not when you misstate facts.

    But truth be told, sykes sucks as a fund manager--

    Being a fund manager and a day trader are clearly two seperate endevours.


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  8. even soros has a website and pumps his books.

    sorry, no dice with this argument.

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    someone tried to sell me life insurance a while back. i told him i was a trader. he told me how he turned 10K into 2 million in 1 year during the golden era. and then lost it all. skilled? no. he just went long any random stock every day. those stories are a dime a dozen brah

    he warned me to take my money and run if i'm up. lol
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  10. thing is, sykes is doing it again, with full transparency this time....

    what can i say??

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