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  1. is timothy sykes truly a little snotty "douche" or is this just a brilliant marketing ploy to appeal to the overwhelming majority of traders out there....clueless losers!!!!!............no joke... this is serious question
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    He used to post endlessly here. Search for his old threads here and be entertained for hours. I looked at a trailer for that Michael Covel film and he was in the trailer, too.

    Wonder Douche Twin powers activate........form of, a really big Douche.
  4. I used too not like Tim but now i respect him. His results are proof he can trade. plus his blog is making more money that I ever plan to!

    I don't trade pennies so I dont follow him.
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    Ah yes... a sharpe ratio of "5,963.84".... Timothy is what every what every fund of fund manager dreams about (sarcasm, if you didn't catch it. This sort of sharpe ratio is usually an indication of a fund that takes on some insane amount of embedded leverage; a blow up is guaranteed).


  6. of course.

    he isnt a fund manager, just a gun slinging day trader who outperforms 99.9% of the others on this board.

    will he blow up? who knows. facts are he has been ranked in the top levels of covestor for sometime now....

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    What's the difference? Moreover, he's got a strategy that will outperform until it blow up. He's got no risk control and his performance metrics shows.

    (Not that I think he isn't fundamentally right in his approach. By this, I mean - he's going to make his money writing books and selling himself as a brand - like trump did; doing so, flashy returns is what he needs, not steady growth. So what if he blows up. And until he does, he's got some great flash for his brand.)


  8. true, no argument here.
  9. I don't like the kid either. But he turned 16K to 2 million. I don't care how he did it, but he did.

    Don't credit penny stocks, a bull market, a tech boom. Don't blame his joke hedge fund. Kid turned 16K to 2million...that's amazing. END OF STORY.
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