Timothy Sykes Saying Goodbye to ET

Discussion in 'Events' started by TimothySykes, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Guys, it's been fun, but I now have to put all my time and effort into TIM. Visit my website http://www.timothysykes.com and follow along as I retrade my way from $12,415 back up to $1.65 million.

    I have no doubt this will not be a quick ride, but I'm willing to devote my entire life to promoting transparency in the finance world and showing everyone the opportunities in the microcap/smallcap arena.

    More importantly, I will detail every single trade, every single investment idea and I encourage you guys to comment on my posts and we'll all learn together!

    Thank you guys for the incredible feedback so far and I hope it will continue during my new journey!

  2. Here is the real Timmay "Nov 1st thing":

    Elite Trader, Information SuperHighway/by: hcour () November 1, 2007 -- Timothy Sykes stunned the ET community yesterday morning by opening a new thread about himself in the Announcements section of the popular internet trading forums. Rumors had been flying around for weeks that the young in-your-face publicity-juggernaut would be touting his latest entrepreneurial adventure come the first of the month. Always on the cutting-edge of self-promotion, Sykes went on to further shock the ET membership when he brazenly entitled the thread w/his own name and then, suprisingly, made the subject of the long post all about him, him, him.

    ET'er's could not be reached for comment.

    Timothy Sykes has appeared on tv almost as much as that puppy that Ellen Degeneres gave away and has made funny faces on the covers of numerous magazines that nobody has ever heard of.

    Copyright © 2007 The Dis-Associated Press. All rights reserved.
  3. EPrado


    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!

    Dont leave !!!!

    We were only kidding.
  4. EPrado



    Wherever you are, I hold you 100 % responsible for this horrible news.

    I feel like I did while watching the last Sopranos. I cant believe it's over.

    For those interested I am now booking all bets on Tim not posting again after today. I will lay 20-1 for those who dont think he will be seen again. The bet expires Dec 31, 2007. If he doesnt post, I lose.

    Place ya bets.
  5. ssblack


  6. he he he....maybe it's because of something somebody said ?

    Lets blame Reaver and that leprechaun guy! They are responsible because they did not want to buy the TIM dvd, and that hurt "you know who's" feelings!
  7. Is it real? Is this PR wire real today? I can't believe it.

    i'll take your bet EPrado.
    My $5 to your $100 If thats ok.

    ps I told you curlin was a superhorse!!
    Great post! Timmay should have listened and set himself on fire. Hw would have made page 1 this time.
  8. spinoza


    I thought Sykes did not trust himself to trade with discipline, and that is why he wanted to sell the dvd and book.

    He should have not closed the hedge fund if now he wants to earn that money back. Before Sykes keeps any returns, lets hope he repays all the losses to his ex-investors as he promised!!

    Tim! TIIIM! I didn\'t mean to hurt you!

    (Human League \"Only Human\" playing in background as I type)

    I was just getting ready to flush $297 down the toilet to prove a point, but shucks, I may just end up having to send it to \"you know who\" so he doesn\'t hurt himself or anything.
    #10     Nov 2, 2007
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