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  1. <b>Young Money Cover Story</B> for their October/November 2007 Issue (See Attached Photo)


    <b>Oprah and Friends Radio</B> on XM Satellite Radio
    October 31st 11am (might be taped, not sure yet, I'll let you guys know)
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    Have you ever considered that all your media publicity has actually detrimentally affected your trading, possibly contributing to the reason you shut down your fund?

    It would appear you had a purely discretionary style, which requires alot of mental preparation to execute effectively. Having your face in magazines might be great for the ego, but humility is critical to any trader. As you obviously know from self experience, it only takes one bad trade to ruin you.

    All of the superstar traders I know do everything they can to avoid media attention. There are plenty of people on this board, who could submit their trading records to Traders Monthly and get a front page article about them. But we don't. For a reason.
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  4. Agreed--you're 100% right. But my fund's shutting down had very little to do with trading, as I hope I made clear in my book. The key is that my strategy simply isn't scalable, so the best way for me to profit from it is to teach thousands of other people to get involved, playing these microcaps from all different angles, increasing the liquidity and volatility for all. That is why I proudly say it'll be easier for me to teach 1,000 people to make $10,000 each than it will be for me to make $10mil on my own. and the key to getting 1,000 students is exposure, exposure, exposure

    On November 1st, I'll unveil my plans for the future and you'll def. understand better.
  5. There is nothing you can teach that will help thousands of people. Bubble market quick buck artists like yourself are a dime a dozen. Trying to extend your 15 minutes of fame to make a sleazy living encouraging rubes to speculate is low class. Get a job young man and make something of your life. The world sure doesn't need anymore obnoxious self promoters.
  6. Question, how does a "bubble market quick buck artist" like myself manage to become the top ranked short bias fund manager 2003-2006 and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the bubble end in 2000?

    Exactly, you're wrong.


    And I have a job, inspiring and teaching the next generation to learn ALL the risks and rewards associated with financial speculation and of course helping them deal with snobs like yourself who think only certain people should be allowed to trade and/or speak freely
  7. JA_LDP


    what do real hedge fund managers think of this guy?


    "Real" hedge fund managers don't even know he exists.

    Why would any hedge fund manager have any interest in some bozo who focuses on trading penny stocks?
  9. "Those can do, do"
    "those that can't do, teach."
    "those that can't teach, teach teachers."

    Woody Allen

    Those that can trade, trade
    Those that can't trade, blow up
    Those that blow up, write books and look for people teach for bucks..

  10. Those who get hundreds of emails, answer them

    Those who get thousands of emails, answer them

    Those who get tens of thousands of emails, get tired and write books to answer all the questions
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