Timothy Sykes Complete Pennystocking DVD Libary for Sale

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    Hi Caacapital, thanks for info, where can I get them freely ? Thanks in advance.
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    These days, Sykes probably makes 4+ mil off of educational material, chat room, etc. annually so his demonstrational trading these days is a very small pct of that.

    Same story with a guy named Ross Cameron ("Warrior Trading" on youtube). He's probably pulling down 2+ mil from chat room proceeds and related coaching / trading materials. So Ross made like 337K in 2017 daytrading and all the vids, brokerage statements, fills are there as evidence. Well, could be only 10% of his biz gains though.

    What they both have in common: their day / swing trades act as ADVERTISING for their real biz.
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  3. I’m not a student of Tim’s per say but in Tim Sykes case he has several students that have taken it and made it their own. Tim says he doesn’t take the majority of the moves. Trading typically will not be anyone’s sole income that’s a pipe dream that’s sold to people.

    Warrior trading in guessing his winnings are mostly from trades that were preadvertised after he has entered and is basically unloading to his subscribers. Tim probably does this a bit with a small amount of trades where liquidity is not there which he says he doesn’t trade often.

    Either way Audited statements are rare from educators

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  4. Checkout his YouTube he gives his strategy away for free.

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  5. Try this if you are 'adventurous':
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  6. "I’m not a student of Tim’s per say but in Tim Sykes case he has several students that have taken it and made it their own."

    Translation: Some folks that claim they were Sykes students are running the same scam he does and making 100% of their profits from selling snake oil to suckers"
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  7. ...That's the trader's dream: to be Both...very successful yourself as a trader, along with the social fame of being a guru. o_O

    Because nobody wants to be an ultra successful, private/lonely/bored recluse.
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  8. Who said they were successful as traders. Doubt any of them trade more than $500 at a time
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    Sykes edge was working closely with the pump and dumpers. Yes tell him I said that, ill give him names and dates. :p
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  10. Should probably be in jail, not on his yacht surrounded by 12 naked bimbos

    But since he invited me to join him, I don't mind
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