Timothy Sykes challenge student subscription 8 months left

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  1. Its hard to believe this scenario is real because why would anyone pay Mr. Sykes $10k but than again I remember others paying Greg Capras and Oliver Velez's Pristine Day Trading $500-$1500 a month for their expertise calls. There are many data subscriptions costing $500+ a month for you to use their filters both stock and option set-ups but why would anyone who has traded need these high profile salesmen to aid their trading journey?

    I looked at Timmy's Webpage and he claims to have made almost $5 million, is that from subscriptions or trading his Penny Plays both Short and Short? There are lots of posters angry they got stuck in stocks he recommended to short or go long. How do they know he's not taking the other side of these trades? He's a very intelligent salesmen and stock promoter promising the idiot "You will not have to stay up late or spend hours of research because my system allows you to just ring the cash register".

    I've lost so many acquaintances who only wanted to take, they took ideas but never provided any thing of value so I deleted them off my friends list. That's who is buying these subscriptions is people who are totally lazy or blew up and now got another grubstake hoping their Trading Messiah will Save them from themselves. One the people I let get close to me(long excommunicated from me), I know is out promoting a biotech stock where the CEO quit because he saw no value while this guy is looking for others to invest in cellular biotech without enough capital to make it through the year. I stopped debunking the posts by known oil salesmen because if people are not smart enough to spot garbage its not our job to police the Internet.
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    Chris Mac

    Seriously, this guy is Jerome Kerviel's brother!

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  3. LOL! Love it!
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    Or perhaps some of the folk gullible enough to pay $7k+ for it in the first place are exactly the ones who imagine they can then sell the "remainder" for $2k through a forum?
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  5. Nobody here will be shocked to realize people do not realize trading is not easy and it takes on average six hours of after study and evaluation for all the trades I did right and wrong. This does not count all the time spent researching my plays like today and being a mini-specialist on Facebook, Apple and MRK plus AVGO. Nothing matches time spent in front of a computer, when I have time away its playing Poker and Video Games to keep my eyes sharp. This Grandpa Trader does not like giving his money away, if there is anything that can help me keep myself crisp please help us but not the likes of Timmy Sykes!
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  6. learning a lot from this site about scams. what are some to avoid?
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  7. Everything in the trading/investing world is essentially...a scam...if you don't get a guaranteed payout or profits.

    That's why that famous saying or sentence is so popular in this world: 'Past performance is no guarantee of future profits. You may lose everything. Be aware of risks, etc etc.' o_O:confused:
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