Timothy Sykes challenge student subscription 8 months left

Discussion in 'Trading' started by daniio, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. daniio


    I joined the challenge student program at the end of March-2016
    What you get:
    - Around 8 months subscription left
    - all video lessons and webinars
    - access to all chatrooms and alerts

    I paid just over 7700$ for it. Asking around 2000$ or best offer

    What you will not get:
    - physical dvds
    - physical books

    Dont worry, you dont need them, you will get access to all the dvds online. The books are just charts you see on the dvds.
  2. nope.
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  3. @daniio looks like you'll have to pay someone $2000 to take it off your hands. What you have is some dangerous stuff and can be a life destroyer :D .

    I would also try eBay, Craigslist, as well as contacting new Sykes follows on TWTR, FB and Stocktwits. I'm sure you'll find someone there to take it off your hands :thumbsup: .
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  4. TradeCat


    you funny kid! you tell funny joke! lol!_ - CaptionSearch.jpg
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  5. TradeCat


    Nobody on this ELITE forum will fall for penny stock scams.

    Now if you were offering hidden wisdom related to Futures, Options or Forex, plenty of takers here.
  6. daniio


    Yes, I just figured it out. You can deleted the post. I have contacted my bank and trying to get partial refund through them.
  7. It's a shame how TS scams people, or how Gullible people are :banghead::sneaky:
    You could have done wonders with that money in the market, instead of spending it on that Lamborghini and Vacations toolhead pitchman.
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  8. You got scammed, contact your bank, lawyer, etc.
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  9. I am quite surprised that he can get people willing to pay $7700 for the course...even if I didnt know anything about TS, that alone would be the biggest red flag right there.

    I am also amazed someone who bought something for $7,700 thinks there is someone as gullible willing to pay $2000. I don't know about you but that is a shit load of money for a "course" when lot of cheaper information on penny stocks out there.

    I wish you luck in getting your money back, but you cannot BUY a shortcut in learning how to trade.
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  10. traderob


    Wow that is heavyy duty scamming. He is a master
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