Timothy Sykes "Brutally Honest" Thread

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  1. Here it is. This is to help Mr. Sykes get the facts out as he is "brutally honest".

    No bashers for the sake of bashing, but "brutally honest" posts about the man, the salesman, the trader, the marketer.

    Mr Sykes...a good place to defend your posts....please do not use this as a thread for promoting your wares....that would question the "honesty" of the thread.


  3. mmmm.
  4. Here's something brutally honest....

    Some of you peoples obsession with Tim Sykes is starting to closely resemble the crazies that obsess over Jack Hershey. Is he that great that 80 threads need to be going on about him?? I think the answer is clearly no.

    That being said, he pays to be a sponsor here and the rules are clear that sponsors can promote their stuff. Let the man be.
  5. Better yet, just put him on ignore. Seriously, there is no point in debating anything with Timmay, he is in snakeoil mode. You're only bringing more attention to him.
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    Ok children.....can we end these "waste of time" threads and talk about more important issues like improving our trading skills?

    What Im really trying to say is.... CLOSE THIS FU^%$ing THREAD !!!!!!!! Enough of this BULLSH%$# !!!!!!!

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  7. Why would you give that attention whore yet another thread to pitch his snake oil?

    Close this thread.
  8. Sykes is from New York City...GET A ROPE

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    Quote from gaj:

    because you're mentioning my posts, and haven't said before - on the day CHNR (oct 5) broke down, how many shares did you short between 10:30 and 10:45 (when you said mark the time, short CHNR, $44) , and which clearing firm did you get them from? thanks in advance for your continued honesty and transparency.

    btw, to save you some time, don't bother watching SCON for a while; it's on the reg SHO list. now, actually, so is CHNR.

    a couple other things...it is possible to teach people for free, which eliminates the potential for conflict of interest, and if you are right, would expose even more people to the world of small caps.

    and, finally, tailor. go, if you haven't. twice. or more. amazing food, and a short walk (broome/6th) from where you live. my dinner friday will likely be either soto or back to tailor....

    Tim Sykes Response:

    just shorted a few hundred shares, nothing major--as I'm only trading with less than 5% of my available capital. but i won't say which broker/clearing firm because thats for my students! I'll talk all day long about strategy, picks, entries and exits, but the really useful tidbits I save for my students. That's my business model--kind like Red Hat and Linux.

    I love Tailor and Soto--thats my kind of food, good call!

    End of Sykes bullshit quote


    Absolutely missed the softball question and dribbles in another lie.

    You are too much my friend, too much.
  10. Your clearing firm is for your students even though you only shorted a few hundred.

    You are a lying piece of shit.

    I hope you sell a lot of product. You "students" deserve the misguided road to ruins you will pave for them.
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