Timothy Sykes 4 Cover Stories In One Day

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  1. Now I know I'm gonna get a lot of heat for this, but c'mon, I've made it onto 4 covers today--this isn't just about me and my story, this is about bringing trading/financial speculation mainstream--these are wins for all of us!

    <b>YOUNG MONEY November 2007 Cover Story: Wall Street's Bad Boy</b>(Hitting newsstands this week)


    <b>CT Business Journal: Confessions of a Fallen Hedge Fund Prince</B>


    <b>Waterbury Republican American: Living on the Hedge</b>


    <b>NYMag.com: Really Dirty Money</b> (Wish they'd unblur my face!)

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  3. If I have to read one more thread about Timmay's media whoring, I'm going to stab out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon.
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    Don't you get enough praise and recognition for you accomplishments from your mom or other people in your life? You seem to be in desperate need of attention and acceptance on ET where 90% of people here just want to bash you for one reason or another. What's the deal with that?
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  6. It's not about me wanting/needing attention, it's about me getting my story out there to show inspire them to get into the markets and to show them that its just as important to understand their losses as it is to understand their gains, if not moreso
  7. TIM...enough already!....seriously, no one really cares about your story. You won the lottery(your trading was luck), ripped off your clients while running a hedge fund and lost alot of their money, though not much of yours and now you're running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, screaming for disclosure and selling a wonderful strategy that your have such confidence in, you are willing to trade it with a couple hundred shares. Do you disclose that to any prospective clients? I think not! How about disclosing the fact that you havn't made a living trading in at least the last three years?

    How's this for disclosure: Your story should be the Poster story why retail investors should NOT be able to invest in hedgefunds, and should be part of the disclosures all investors sign before they invest in the market or a hedge fund. That way, they won't get sucked in, and lose their arse, while hacks like yourself take no risk and pocket 2 and 20!
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    I must have brushed past, skipped over, or tried to ignore 100s of Sykes posts on ET. His story is thin. The remarkable part is that it generates after thought. Win and give back is on the dime-a-dozen aisle. Why is this one special?
  9. Good post. Wait til November 1st, all of your concerns will be addressed
  10. Congrats dude
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