Timor PM's plea to Osama

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  1. Timor PM's plea to Osama

    "EAST Timor's Prime Minister has sent a Christmas-New Year message of peace to the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden

    In it, Jose Ramos Horta has urged bin Laden to forgive Christians, just as said he had forgiven the Indonesians who invaded East Timor.

    Mr Ramos Horta was one of several world leaders asked by the BBC to send a Christmas-New Year message to an individual or a group of their choosing.

    "It occurred to me that a man who is one of the most feared and detested on earth by some and admired by others might tune into the BBC and hear my message," he said yesterday. Mr Ramos Horta said he had no illusions that his message would change bin Laden, but thought there was a chance bin Laden would listen and "maybe, just maybe, my message would touch his conscience".

    Mr Ramos Horta's message was broadcast on December 23.

    In it, the Nobel peace prize winner said: "On this occasion, when we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, my words, words of peace, are sent to my brother somewhere in the mountains, in the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Osama bin Laden."

    Mr Ramos Horta went on: "Yes, there are some differences between yourself, my brother Osama bin Laden, and myself.

    "The differences are that while you seem to have a profound resentment towards those who had done centuries of harm to Muslims, and today to Palestinians — I do understand these grievances — and yet I fail to understand why you carry this resentment, this anger onto attacking innocent civilians — and that includes also Arabs and Muslims who do not share your vision of Islam.

    "I come from a small country, East Timor, that was invaded by the largest Muslim country in the world. I lost brothers and sisters, yet I do not hate one single Muslim, I do not hate one single Indonesian."

    Mr Ramos Horta said: "I beg you to re-think and extend your love, your solidarity, your friendship, the same ones you feel about Palestinians, extend to the rest of the world, extend to Europeans, to Christians.

    "You will then win them over that way, more than through hatred and violence.""

    Fellows, please distribute. TIA.
  2. Politician speak, odd man, ramos horta is a puppet.
    Just fairy floss diplo words.

    As if they dont know osama died months ago, just crap.
  3. Fine with me.

    Alternatively: Better try ignoring all the names/ politics/ religions/ etc., and focusing on the universal spirit of peace on our planet - including traders.