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  1. Yeah, not looking good at the moment, is it. Regarding the Timber joke though, if a stock market falls in China and no one is around, does it still make a sound?
  2. Seems like it's a pattern since july.
  3. Confucius say yes but then you are hungry for another sound 1/2 hour later.
  4. Japan went from up over 200 to down on the day, China down 4%, Hong Kong down 2%, the Dollar/Yen at levels not seen since we were below 900 on the ES.
    And the net reaction so far…down less than 4 points.
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    The old "Shanghai surprise".
  6. ES showing potential tonight for a nice drop tomorrow morning
  7. -434 for SHI; I'm not impressed.
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    We bears have to be correct eventually.
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    Wow, I haven't seen a "Timber" thread since I stopped reading Yahoo! message boards five years ago. :D
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