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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by marketsurfer, Feb 18, 2008.

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  2. Joab


    He says he is different because he admits his mistake .... My mistake was losing 3 minutes of my life watching that interview. :D

    What is it about guys like him and Cramer that fascinates the wall street audience these days.

    My 13 yr old step son has more common sense then this bozo :cool:
  3. ess1096


    Who gives a crap about that loser?
    And why is it that EVERY time some one introduces Tim they HAVE to say that he turned his "Bar Mitzva money" into whatever million.
    What difference does it make if it's Bar Mitzva money? Does Jim Rogers or Warren Buffet say where they got the money to start off with? NO. But this dick constantly says "Bar Mitzva" money as if it's some magic money.
    I'm glad he's out of here and not on Mojo anymore.
  4. GGSAE


    Who's that bitch, what happened to Lindsay?

  5. hey joab, hope all is well. missed you at surffest on sat night, several of the elite of elite attended. timmmmay was on CBS sunday morning and has a "jack ass" style finance show coming up soon.....the guy is bright, funny and entertaining, not sure why all the hate here.

  6. EPrado


    It's funny how this kid cant seem to overcome adversity and gives up. Tries starting a hedge fund....fails....quits. Tries becoming an author...fails...funny how there is no mention of him and his book anymore. Comes on here and cant handle some criticism....leaves with his tail between his legs. Now he is peddling some trading strategy which is great if you want to trade 200 shares for the rest of your life and make peanuts.

    I took a look at his website. Is hysterical..it's him trying to sell anything he can..books...DVD's...advertising space.....his website is one big garage sale.
  7. S2007S


  8. She's no Erin Burnett....

    oh Tim was on there? Shit what'd he say, I wasn't paying attention.
  9. rcj


    thnx, MS. funny video. and ... yeah...why all the hate?? I really didnt have time to read most of the stuff about him on ET a few months back. Who cares, really. i was way too busy battling all them evil YM traders. anyway...kinda like the guy - spontaineous, transparent ... good bullshit

    If they ever pair off Tim with Cramer, thenn i might even pony up for cable.

    cheers ... rj
  10. S2007S





    what a joke..
    #10     Feb 18, 2008