Timmmmmay-- #1 once again..smoke that playahatas!

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  1. Tim Sykes number one trader on covestor.com out of 10,000--plus a dozen of his students are in the top 20!

    <i>Who is Timothy Sykes? Timothy Sykes' claim to fame may be starring in the hit TV show 'Wall Street Warriors' and turning $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah gift money into $1.65 million in just four years, but lately his PennyStocking strategy, which focuses on the highly manipulated/hyped niche of penny stocks and using that corruption/emotion to better trading odds, is responsible for making<b> Timothy the top ranked trader/investor out of 10,000+ on Covestor.com, a website that verifies all trades with his market-dominating 195% return over the past year. What's even more incredible is that more than a dozen of his students are ranked in the top 20... and remember, we're talking out of 10,000 traders on the site. &#8232;</b></i>
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    Are you getting paid to promote the penny-stock king?
  3. here comes the playahatas, lmao!
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    Hey Surf, maybe you should let him handle YOUR money, after all he seems to be more successful than your calls lately.
    By the way it is not a surprize that in a bearmarket a shortseller is doing well....

  5. He doesn't run a fund, just his own money now.

    Yeah, makes sense, but #1 out of 10k traders plus dozen students in top 20? Seriously, that is impressive, and I can't think of another guru type who can or ever has achieved this---

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    I saw Sykes at the traders expo last week, it was odd, he sat next to me in the lounge, I pretended to be cool and not know who he was yet I wanted to ask him how real reality TV is.

  7. :D

    he will tell you its not real at all.

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    LOL, obviously. MS has no shame in his game.


    Nice, very nice. A new version & evolved version of snake oil. Well not really. Seems like a more evolved version of pump & dump.
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    another ass kissing loser on ET that gets a hard-on over Sykes...:p
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    I am a hater because I ask if you get paid to promote him? Strange.

    I have nothing against TS - don't know him, and I don't trade penny stocks. But generally speaking he makes money selling stuff to people - and I would venture to guess people who buy his products lose money or will end up losing money. Penny stocks are not something most people should be jacking with - especially those people that buy his products.

    By the way, you never answered my question.
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