Timmmay on CNN 8pm TONIGHT

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  1. Timmmay represents greed tonight 8pm CNN. check it out!

    <i>timmay will be greed debating spirituality with some of the world's top preachers live tonight on CNN from 8-9PM EST. CNN's Roland Martin will host this debate that will also feature Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Author Irshad Manji, Dr. Al Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. We will explore society's insatiable appetite for money, lust and power...it's going to be very interesting. </i>

  2. Not exactly Socrates and Plato. Will there be strippers?
  3. I'll be watching. I only watch tv about once a month, I'll give August to Timmay. :D
  4. savanah and timmmmmay on now!

  5. ess1096


    It's LIVE! Someone call in!!!!
    I don't have the gonads! :D
  6. Who would notice him sitting next to that piece of ass....

    Shmuley ripping him a new one.... lol. Don't @#$% with a rabbi.
  7. I only see the girl. Tim who?
  8. ess1096


    When a black TV Host asks you what you would not do to make money, the best thing you can come up with is "I wouldn't sell slaves!??" :confused:
  9. Tim get owned again!!! Did you see that rabbi absolutely rip tim apart, if only they knew that all Timmy did was rip off the movie Wall Street. Funny how they stuck him next to a pornstar too, they are matching them up by their IQ'S i guess.

    By the way have you learned how to do up a tie yet Timmy??? perhaps it is time, i guess mommy wasnt around to do it this time.

    ahahahahahahaha the rabbi just told him hes not special.

    Anyone still think this is a good appearance??? all they did was find 2 idiots to sit between the rabbi, and Roland and get ripped apart.
  10. mde2004


    I will not watch that guy, boycott CNN for hosting the show.
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