Timmmay LIve in 10 minutes!!!

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  1. With all due respect this place has been Tim free for quite some time. Could you please stop posting his spam for the rest of us. I guarantee you those who care already know this and go watch him if they choose and the rest of us are glad the spam and fighting between pro and con Tim is no longer here.
  2. this is a great show. watch timmmay turn 12k into millions again on live TV and communicate with him LIVE. this is all good stuff and highly educational to new traders.

    relax and don't be jealous of his fame.

  3. c'mon... my comments have no relationship to his fame so do not cmoe back with oh you are jealous.

    Just stop spamming for him, I am sure many feel that way too.

  4. i think its good educational, fun, FREE material.

    Let the readers decide on their own.



  5. new lows
  6. he just shorted a stock that tanked 10% LIVE on the show this is unheard of in the guru business....LIVE trading with interaction for FREE

    I would like to see ANY ET GURU challenge him live....


  7. gangof4


    marketsurfer= timmay


    marketsurfer= guy who has wet dreams about sucking timmay's knob.

    you decide. either way, pretty sad and pathetic
  8. OK, I watched for about 3 minutes, and I feel as though I've officially hit my Timmay limit for the year.

    For Christ's sake, he's wearing a gray t-shirt, playing Boiler Room clips, and calling shots on 3 dollar stocks.

    Who is his target audience? My 15 year old who wants to trade with her babysitting money?

    Pretty soon he'll be on at 10 O'clock Saturday morning with a ferret on his shoulder giving stock tips to 5 year olds.

    Whew. Feels good to vent.

  9. the guy is up over 60% on the year, live.

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