Timmay's Daily Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Trvlwanderer, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Ready and waiting.

    I'm a noob and need some lessons.

    Surely you can tease me with some great calls before I sink 3 bills into the DVD?

    Come on, help the "little guy" out.

    I bought your book...and even reviewed it for you.

    you're welcome
  3. seriously, about 90% of the winning systems I have learned resulted from hours and hours of personal observation.

    Most books won't help at all, in fact they may confuse the issue.
  4. Hear, Hear!!!
  5. Exactly and thats why my 6 hour instructional DVD summarizes nearly 9 years of all my market observations, my trades, my favorite charts, my least favorite, whats worked, what hasnt---
  6. What do you teach more of: How to make money in crazy runaway bull markets that we'll never see again, how to underperform money market funds with significantly greater risk, or how to take way too much size in illiquid pink sheets and lose a third of your investors' capital?
  7. Pretty funny stuff.
  8. especially something coming from BULLSHI (p) TRADING.
    Thanks for paying the bills though, I hope you sell a couple million and stay a sponsor. :p
  9. Wow. :eek: :eek: :D :D :D
  10. 1. I'll show you that the volatility in Penny Stocks is the same in this kind of market so you'll finally shut up about the tech bubble.

    2. I'll show you how I've made some big mistakes in the past, mistakes you can learn from, and yet, I'm still in the game and that's what counts.

    3. I'll show you how to take proper position sizes now that I've experienced both huge gains and huge losses.

    Have faith brother!
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