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  1. http://timothysykes.com/blog/2009/07/28/guess-how-much-my-blog-made-in-june/

    Guess How Much My Blog Made In June? I’ll Give You A Hint: More Than What Most Doctors Make In A Year

    Posted by Timothy Sykes on Tue 28th of Jul, 2009 03:40:43 PM

    Thanks again to my valued customers, many of whom are absolute wannabes/degenerates…I’ll help you learn not to be such wannabes/degenerates anymore (seriously, 90%+ of traders lose…academic study after academic study have shown this….again, I’m all about brutal honesty, I’m not gonna be some fake ass polite trading guru) and to wait for the right trading opportunities (my instructional DVDs teach what those ideal trading setups look like) and forget this fancy headline figure, I’m far prouder that when I add up all the daily testimonials from TIMalert subscribers, trading profits were around $100,000 last month and are now over $350,000 in 2009

    June 2009: $121,623

    $50,278 TIMalerts

    $38,355 Instructional DVDs

    $19,134 TIMTactics Advanced Trading Tactics Webinar/Instructional DVD Package

    $6,486 Short-term Trading Profits

    $2,965 Private Coaching

    $2,915 Advertising & Affiliates

    $800 An American Hedge Fund

    $690 Longer Term Trading Profits
  2. And THAT is why I, Timmay, cannot afford to be a sponsor any more on ET...(not to mention, being a huge attention troll and alienating just about everyone with my neverending story and in-your-face spamming about how I capitalized on my own personal crummy decisions)
  3. Could you BE more jealous? LoL

  4. Is it just me or does this seem like a bad way to address your valued customers?
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    LOL I know and I keep asking TraderZones how he has time to post on ET

    considering he didn't learn trading yet :D :cool:
  6. Impressive !

    $6,486 Short-term Trading Profits
    $690 Longer Term Trading Profits

    That's 6% trading profits and 94 % in guru sales.
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    I read thru the entire article and thought he would at least say "Thank You, you F*cking Idiots for buying my crap". It would have fit perfectly with the rest of the blog.
  8. So much JEALOUSY! :p

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