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  1. for a few days you should post some of your trades,not exactly in real time because it can obviously affect your outcome. however,you can post immediately after you trade and explain why you did what you did. this may help quell some of the rampant skeptisism here. now you may ask why you have anything to prove. well i will tell you why; you CHOSE to be on a reality TV show about trading and you chose to come out with a hedgefund book which you are promoting on this forum. you should back up what you cliam by posting a few trades perhaps not real time but as close as you can to real time.
  2. Problem is there is no hedge fund manager small or big that will publish their trades or should they publish their trades shortly after putting them on in light of SEC exemptions.

    So I doubt Tim or any hedge fund manager will oblige such a request.
  3. Buddy, I run a private investment fund--I'm not even allowed to post my returns, there's no way in hell I can post my trades. However, I do encourage you to watch my most recent TheStreet.comTV video in which I talk about LULU when the stock was at $30 (now I see it at $38.58) last week:


    And as for something to prove, I don't have anything to prove here. You all know my stats and soon you'll know the details behind those stats too. Only then will you be able to judge me. Until then, let the speculation run rampant.
  4. Timmay is very different (to say the least).

    There is NO hedge fund manager who would do a "Dial-A-Timmay" gig either!!

    Title: Hedge Fund Manager
    Status: Taking Calls

    Rate: $50.00/30 mins.
    Description: I'll share my hedge fund / day trading experiences to help you avoid the many pitfalls of these industries.
  5. I agree it's a sad commentary on our society that thanks to my TV show, so many people want to contact me. But, it is what it is so I'm dealing with it the best way I know how--to make money!

    Get that through your head you communist bastard.
  6. alright timmay,i understand. LULU was a good pick based on fundamentals and research. but is'nt your fund focused on shorts?
  7. jtnet


    yes, read between the lines, hes saying he lost a boat load more money.
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  9. Ridiculous! I could make a boatload of money and I still can't talk about it! You're waaaay too negative, no wonder why you haven't been successful yet.

    Yes, I'm primarily a short seller, but my fund is short bias, meaning we can take longs too.
  10. do you have more traders in your fund or is it only you?
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