Timmay--i know how he makes his cash

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  1. Timmay basically sits in front of his computer after hours while watching Cramer make his ridiculous picks. then when he see's all of the clueless idiots gapping the stock up after hours he just goes short. its as simple as that. he must realize that Cramer can''t pick a stock if his life depended on it and thats why he calls his fund the "contra Cramer fund". i also heard Timmay was rushed to the hospital a while back when Cramer picked NMTI; Timmay was laughing so hard he almost had a heart attack and the poor bastard is only in his 20's.
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    what are u talking about
  3. everyone on this board seems to discredit Cramer's horrible picks. however,i heard a rumor that Timmay actually took it one step further and did something about it; he shorts all of Cramer's picks and is making money hand over fist.
  4. Timmy couldn't make money hand over fist if he was selling water in the desert.

    His 5 year compounded return of 1.5% is pitiful to say the least.
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    wow, is that really his return?
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    1.5%? I dont know much about him, but that doesnt seem correct.....all the publications say he turned 12k into 1.5M thats like 12000+%....and unless he proceeded to lose that 1.5M the following years it doesnt even seem possible that hes only up 1.5%?
  7. He did the 12k into 1.5M from '99-'02 (the bubble and the burst).

    In the 5 years since, his compounded annual return is 1.5%.

    That's why you only hear about the "golden years" for Timmy. He did great when everyone else was killing it too....but you'll never hear what he's done since then (obviously, because he hasn't done anything).
  8. actually, its the absolute value of your return piker.
  9. Word on the street in NYC is Timothy Sykes will donate all net profits from the book to charity. (He apparently does not want to keep money not directly earned from his Hedge Fund.)

    Maybe the fact that he will donate to a charity will make him seem a little less cheesy?