Timmay haunting Think or Swim

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  1. ... like a bad rash.

    As a ToS user, I've been very pleased with the software and platform. Today in the chat room discussing an insider's view of small and micro caps. Who's the guest speaker? Tim Sykes.

    I guess Ill listen in. I'll have an open mind. This is going to be a little difficult though.

  2. Agreed. At least he acknowledges his big mistake with that crappy internet firm where he lost 1/4 million on. He was duped and he knows it.
    But he's back and as arrogant as ever.
    Has he learned his lesson ? Or will history repeat just like with Niederhoffer ?

    Btw: TOS platform....it's great, but the margins for futures make it worthless for trading a small account.
    $6500 for 1 YM contract.
  3. Sykes continues to claim 1 or less trades a day and a 95% win rate on his site.

    No one is suspicious.
  4. I gotta figure if he was 1/2 as good as he claims to be he'd be worth 100 million by now, not pimping DVD's to noobs.

    Something aint right. I mean theres 8000 stocks. If he made money even 75% of the time he'd be a huge winner.

    My stink meter is pinned on STENCH

    The whole racket can be summed up easily

    1) There are crooks pumping stocks

    2) wait till all the suckers are in , then short

    3) rinse and repeat

    For this you need 100 DVD's?

    The whole game is entry and risk mgmt.

    That's the hard part, and thats the part I don't believe .
  5. While on the subject of Timmay.....
    Let's look at the following for confirmation of this:
    Vic Niederhoffer
    Lenny Dikestra
    Scotty (a day trading comrade - I witnessed his blow-up)

    If you blow-up, does that mean you are arrogant ?
    If you are arrogant, are you likely to eventually blow-up ?

    That's my contention.
  6. Brandonf

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    If you talk to Tim in person, not the site stuff, he is one of the most humble, nicest guys you will ever have the pleasure of talking too.
  7. Jekyl and Hyde personality ?
    In person=Hyde
  8. Reminds me of Cramer
  9. i held my nose and looked. still claiming 95% winners and huge gains.

    best trader that ever lived and he's a dvd salesman.

    go figure

    how come GS doesn't hire him for 5 million a year to trade prop?

    too Jewish?