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    Any inputs on timingcube.com by ETs based on real experience. They say their results are verified by TimerTrac since 2002. Does that hold any validity? Thanks.
  2. All you need to read on that site, from the page


    The real trades that they made this year are here:


    As you can see, they had such a terrible summer this year they decided to scrap the model they'd been using for a new one that backtested better.

    Click on the chart at the bottom of that page for the TimerTrac page. Since 2002, they've performed slightly worse than buying and holding QQQQ (and considerably worse after trading costs and taxes.)

    Why would anyone bother?
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    That's the problem with timing systems, they will do well for a while and then go bust and before you know the developer changes the strategy to better backtested results.