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  1. Start to pose trades based on my QQQQ Timing Model.

    QQQQ Timing Model is an end of day trading system, the expected annual return should be above 25%
  2. Feb 19: SELL

    Sell 1000 QQQQ @44.35
  3. Feb 20, SELL

    Hold Short (-1000)
  4. That's truly great! Is that based on any leverage at all? Any projection on drawdowns?
  5. Leverage: no more than 3x on long -1.5x on short position.

    Max drawdown: no more than 25%
  6. FEB 21, SELL
    Hold short (-1000)
  7. FEB 22, SELL
    Hold (-1000)
  8. Covered shorts with $990 gain

    Tried to cover at Market from @43.20, couldn't get any shares until @43.36
  9. Who's your broker?
  10. IB, sometime I don't get filled in 10 seconds, I have to cancel and do it again.
    #10     Feb 22, 2008
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.