Timing Market Turns - Survey

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For which index would you prefer to see 'time loci for intraday turns' ?

Poll closed Nov 1, 2005.
  1. Dow 30

    3 vote(s)
  2. S&P 500

    6 vote(s)
  3. Nasdaq Composite

    1 vote(s)
  4. Nasdaq 100

    3 vote(s)
  1. Timing Market Turns - Survey

    Time locus points arise at all times when any market is open. The robustness of the individual locus times, or time loci, is related to two basic discrete items.

    The two items/factors/variables are:
    1.) Volume/liquidity issues and,
    2.) What phase that market or stock is in, during the timeframe that data is gathered and used to extract the time loci.


    A couple weeks ago, a member of our group suggested posting 1 and 5 minute time loci generated by our programme's algorithms for a given day.

    The unanswered question during that discussion was, "For what purpose?" So instead, we posted a few 5-minute time loci that were accurate within one time bar. Travel interrupted some plans to repeat that effort.

    In the meantime, we continued the discussion and decided to use Elite Traders polling facility to see if any of the readers here would care to express a preference from among the various indexes and ETF's we presently track.

    We will accept other suggestions as well. Please post those suggestions on this Journal along with your "vote".

    If you would also care to post how the time loci were a help, confused you, or could not use them, we will try to expand on those issues. We greatly appreciate the various comments and PM's over the past few weeks.

    Thank you also for understanding that the original TMT journal is helpful to our group's psyche by being able to publicly document what we are doing without a lot of discussion.

    Our plan is to post the time loci for 1 day per week for one issue/market/index. If that is helpful to some traders, we will poll the readers again to see if there is any interest. We may then add to that a second day for a different issue.

    Note: It takes a lot of time consuming energy and teamwork to produce, evaluate and post the loci. It would be impossible to produce the time loci without computers.

    We are currently shrinking and simplifying the process.

    One last concern or point- time loci's will arise "inside" (as we call it) other time locus points. This occurs when a locus gains a level of significance.

    An example would be that we first post a time locus for 10:35 a.m. before the market or stock's open, but soon after the opening action is recorded and evaluated, another time locus rises to a significant level at 10:05 or 9:55. This occurs throughout the day with any issue as we re-run the data repeatedly. Further, that single recurrence event makes the "doing" most intense. So, bear with us during volatile periods during the session. We will do our best.

    Since the editing time of an E.T. post is limited to about an hour, we will use the edit button until that time expires. Then we will make a new post. This will require a "refresh" of that post/page to get an update of that edited post. If this too burdensome, we will modify the process of posting.

    However, give us your feedback <b>here. </b>

    About the time loci for an index/futures contract, its in-the-money or at-the-money options, and its ETF: they are not the same, but are very close. Since the indexes and futures contract data produce robust time loci more frequently than the ETF's or other derivatives, we will adhere to an index timing mode versus ETF timing mode.
  2. Timing Market Turns 11/01/2005

    We will take the more favored index and generate time loci for Thursday November 3rd.

    <b>Today is the last day to vote.</b> Anyone can vote.

    We will generate both 5-minute and 1-minute loci. We may also give our bias as to whether the particular locus is expected to be a high or low.

    It will resemble our projection weeks ago that October 21st-24th, 2005 would be a low, and THE low to buy. So far that projection has proved to be correct.

    Good Trading and God bless.

    W. B. Busin