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  1. NKNY


    Any thoughts on this website at all. They time the qqq.

    With these returns I may as well throw my screens in the basement and go fishing.

  2. pspr


    Plot their signals on a chart. Looks like a trend following system that has worked OK in their time frame.
  3. NKNY


    They seem to have an average of 3 to 4 signals a year. If one started trading there signals when the qqq began in 3/99 with 20,000 they would have $2,686,715.05 . trading the nas 100 since 89 I would have over a billion. $1,054,784,468.33 to be exact :p

    Maybe long term in the way to go... Graet returns plus you get to go fishing....look at mr buffett...
  4. pspr


    Speaking from experience, it is very difficult to keep these long term low trade models viable. It can be done and maybe Timing Cube will work out. Their track record isn't very long for this type of timing, though.

  5. KPT


    Results are inflated. Beware of service.
  6. NKNY


    They just might be... I'm looking back and I don't like how they had a sell signal on 3/30/2000 the exact top. why no sell on other declines like 1/6/00 1/28/00 or even 3/15/00. They got the 3/30/00 ...the exact top....

  7. wOg


    I just got off the phone with one of the guys from Timing Cube. Their results are tracked by both Hulbert's and Timer Trac.

    I haven't audited them, so I can't vouch for their specific numbers. At the same time, it's irresponsible to suggest that they are "up to something" without proof.

    Think about it, though, there may be no perfect systems. But most systems are "more perfect" than most traders.

    How many people knew that the market would explode to the upside in advance of the invasion of Iraq in 2003? Quite a few. But how many had the courage of their convictions to buy in February or March or even April? Not nearly enough.
  8. NKNY


    I have been watching timing cube for a while now. Not trading anything off of them simply keeping tabbs.

    I basicly use multiple timeframes within my models and I have started keeping track of a hypothetical trading model using their model while utilizing my own model within theirs. Sort of like timing timing cube.... :D


  9. I am not familiar with the Timing Cube but I can vouch for the last part of your statement - long-term IS the way to go. I have been an investor with Mr. Buffett in Berkshire Hathaway for nearly two decades and I am not ready to sell yet. I had inherited some money and I got in at a price where everyone I sought advice from thought that it was an absurdly inflated price (just over $ 3,000 per SHARE) and there was nothing else on NYSE that sold for even one-tenth of that price. Currently, the stock fetches upwards of $80K per share and I suspect that it may cross the 100K mark within the next year.

    OTOH, I have also been day (and swing) trading the S&P Futures for 8+ years and, after the trauma of the first four years was out of the way, this too has become very profitable for me. Even so, most of my profits (> 75%) come from my multi-day to multi-week positions while most of my time and energy is spent on intra-day positions. :)
  10. LMeyers


    Even if the results are not inflated, it still goes to show the truth of the old Wall Street adage:

    "You can make much more money by giving advice than by trading it.":p :D
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