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    Is it just me, or does it seem the best times for a trend are from 10:00-11:15, then after that its a trading range. Generally

  2. Depends on the market volatility... the less volatile the market, the later the breakout, i.e., one tends to get whipsawed chasing the early ones. You'll note that in 2001 and 2002 that many of the opening ranges (for example 30% of the ATR) were broken within the first fifteen minutes. Lately, the pm range breakouts have been better. A point about opening range breakouts: you can use either time-based or range-based (I prefer the latter).

  3. absolutely.....after that it's time to play on et unless there is a nice run, which there has been of late
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    It has been like this the last 4 Augusts at least.

    Not only that, but the level of causticity on ET rises during this month and the first 2 weeks or so of Sep.


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    but the market for the last three years has been a pick and choose time market
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