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  1. I would like to know if the Time & Sales Tape exist also for the Stock Options? ESignal don't have it as long I know, other public source for that,if ti exist?

    I ask this question, since recently I have meet a problem with ISE and in the futur I would like to have more tools for a discussion about trade priority. I could summarize the fact

    1) I was the first in the book at the bid for over 2 hours, every trade have been did at the ask in this lapse of time;
    2) Suddenly, some new bigger order arrived at the bid, for an upgrowing volume on the bid;
    3) About 15 min later this order is filled before me;

    I have contacted my brokers for to resolve (with success) the case, but I would like a better protection in the futur against this kind of problem and the T&S with the market could be usefull for my support, it is possible?

    NOTE: The specialist have mentionned that ISE is fully electronic and not possible this kind of thing (but I was able to see that only because my broker give me information on the last trade (price& vol) for each market and that I was able to do the match, but for the futur do you have a tips for fight this problem?
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    My understanding of the situation:

    After the fact, you can contact the CBOE for Time and Sales. I had a similar situation and they said that they will send a fax if you request it.


    (Everyone I've met from the CBOE has been very helpful. )

    Are you sure your order was sitting on ISE? Things like this shouldn't happen there.

    You didn't say who your broker was; but, brokers will often route orders to exchanges that give them money for order flow. Ask your broker if you orders are subject to NBBO (best bid and offer). If these exchanges aren't at the best bid/offer they are supposed to re-route it if they participate in NBBO. I sometimes wonder whether they get a little "sticky", holding onto orders longer than they should.

    If your complaint is valid you will receive the fill at the price you should have gotten.

    Hope that helps. :)
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    Time and Sales do exist for equity options.

    I Use Redi platform, through SLK. On my redi it keeps track of time and sales in the Montage section.

    I also use Bloomberg Terminal, and they have time and sales however finding ur time and sales on Bloomberg is more time consuming.

    Ur Trading platform should give you time and sales......in one of ur P$L screens or ur Order/position screens.....and it should be easy to track because, its only UR TRADES unless you switch the function to include all trades at that time from all traders.