Times Reporter calls Obama a "dick"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Arnie, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Just saw that. He thought he was on a 10 second delay and it would be bleeped before being broadcasted. It went out anyway and he had to appologize. But, it just shows what everyone is coming to realize about Odumbo. He IS a DICK!
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  4. MSNBC has suspended him.

    I wonder if his Twitter account was hacked?
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    I'd like to know what Obama's schoolmates thought of him, if he was a dick when he was in grammar school. Nobody has turned up that knew him back then!! You'd think that somebody would get interviewed that knew the POTUS back in the day! What's up with that?
  6. Mark - Dont call him a dick, life aint easy being a dick. You've got a head you cant think with, an eye you cant see with, balls you cant play with, your neighbours an asshole, and your best friend is a total pussy.
  7. Oh God, the way MSNBC is responding you'd think the guy just triggered world war 3 or something. Calm down, its not like the guy whipped his dick out on air and said "this is what obama was being" :p
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  9. Excellent ;)
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    Obama is a dick, though most of us would refer to him as a "putz".

    I hope we have a full-on depression to punish the dicks who supported and voted this putz into office and to ensure his defeat in 2012.

    There I said it.
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