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    I was interested in looking more deeply into the TIMES method, and was wondering if anyone would be open to the idea of sharing access information to the member's area on the respective website. If so, please PM me.

    Very grateful in advance.

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    I have attended the free live demonstration they offer. Initially, it looked very good. But when I started asking more questions, the answers seemed to be skirted around a little bit. Here are the questions I asked...

    1. Do you trade your account with real money based off the method? They said yes.

    2. Asked if I could watch him trade live for a morning or afternoon session? Said they were not able to do because of some sort of CFTC rule...

    3. Asked to see an account statement? Again, CFTC wouldn't allow it. Offered referrals of satisfied clients.

    4. Can I see a track record of trades based off the method? Sent me some hypothetical result based on marking up the charts at the end of the day.

    5. Do they have any sort of money back guarantee? No, said that trading takes time and there is always a chance of losing money.

    So though they didn't lie to me in anyway,but they weren't able to provide any satisfactory answers to my question.

    I would advise you to ask some of these questions on your own.

    I decided not to take the course because of the answers provided and the price they are asking.

    In my opinion, why would I buy a method the company doesn't use themself? That doesn't make sense.

    Again, this is just my experience.

    Here are two other companies I looked into. DTI and Futures Trading Academy. They both trade live in real-time with real money and you can watch. If you do, let us know how it goes.:)

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    Thank you for the feedback and insight. Will give much consideration to these issues as I investigate further.

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    Please let me know how it goes. I would enjoy knowing how they answered your questions.

  5. Somewhere lately I have read/heard that Times International has
    6 setups. I always thought they were a one-trick-pony with their
    1-min price/indicators divergence setup... Maybe they have added
    a trick or two lately?... :eek:
  6. Frankly, I thought Times was a simple double tap method. Looking for a double bottom or top on a short time frame. I remember that they looked for a 2 point bounce from either setup. In my opinion, a trader could make it work if they had a scanner capable of recognizing the setup early enough to alert you or automate the entry. Would love to hear intelligent comments on how that might be accomplished. Regards, Lefty
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    The only reason they could have for saying it is against CFTC rules is if they give you flase information. Anyone is allowed to show their statements and my understanding is that the CFTC would encourage traders to gain such information before buying any system or training.
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    I can understand that. There are traders out there who will expect to have the same type of results. That being said, I don't really believe that is the reason why I wasn't given that information. I believe it is because they can't supply the information.

    I don't have anytype of mean spirit against them, but I just think they are covering something up. Really, if it is that good, why don't they trade it there self? And if they do, how come the founder and head instructor always teaching during the day. Something just doesn't add up.

  9. I guess there is a lot less risk having 5K handed over to you by
    credit card or whatever than actually putting your $$$ in the
    futures market ect,... These guys are no dummies... :p

    Even if they only get 3 a day X 5K = 15k a day = 75k a week =
    $3,900,000.00 a year. I doubt if they are doing that but if they
    were... Why trade at all if big bucks are flowing in and all you have
    to do is talk all day long?
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    If you attend the presentation, you will get pretty much the whole method. Do a search for "TIMES method" in the subject line here on ET, and you will get a bunch of info. I have not attended their training.
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