TIMES Method

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    As I mentioned before, I do use it on the side. Plus, this was my first, serious training in how to detect, confirm and use divergences, and I also use that knowledge everyday, elsewhere in my trading.

    No disagreement here, you are correct. I hope I said it before that I have learned from bitter experience to discount all those claims. Not to mention the fact that this kind of rules usually contain items like "avoid taking bad trades" which sort of skew the results. :)

    However, there's a baby and bathwater situation here. Is this a perfect, mechanical, holy grail kind of system? Imo, not at all. Can it be useful - or, has it been quite useful to some of us? Imo, again, yes. Should they tighten their advertising etc to make it more truthful? Absolutely yes, like the vast, vast majority of vendors out there. Trader beware!! What else can I say?

    Tha-tha-that's all folks :p
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