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  1. I want to state for the record that I am new. This is my first post here and I have no underlying motives. Only to discuss trading with everyone. I came across this forum after doing a search on Traders International/Times method on Google.

    I read thru most of the comments and have put everything in the memory bank, so please don't yell at me or preach to me about the bads surrounding this. My logic is that if this was as accurate as they are trying to market, Roger and the other guy would not need to spend their time marketing the systerm. Just put their money in the system and they would be multi-millionaires. With that said...

    I am not a member of TI, howver, they have helped me become aware of this convergence/divergence method of trading. It intrigues me and I am trying to develop my own system. I was hoping to get some input from everyone to help me and maybe meet some others doing the same type of thing. I use TradeStation and have my charts set-up just like theirs. I have been trying to duplicate their indicator settings. I feel like I am pretty close, just wondering if anyone else is doing this. They say their indicators are set to the 10,000th. I guess this means 5.XXXX. I find this a little hard to believe and my TS charts don't seem to take this type of exact input.

    I have been backtesting this method on TS and have been fairly profitable. It is all very subjective and if you can identify the trend, it definitely helps to trade in that direction. I have been realtime simulated trading recently and it is not quite as easy of course.

    My goal is to RELIABLY pluck out 4-6 points a day from the S&P emini using this method. Hope to trade several lots once I am confident in this.

    Anyone else like me out there. Again, please don't preach to me about Traders Int'l. I have no underlying motives here.

    Feel free to email me if you prefer.

    Good trading.
  2. Would you describe that convergence - divergence method more closely ?
  3. If you are not familiar with this, do a search on this forum using "Traders International" or "TIMES". You may also want to visit their website. It is www.tradersinternational.com. This is how I learned about this method.
  4. visiontrader,

    Can you basically describe the method?

  5. Basically...

    I use the 1M chart on the ESM. Plot the Stochastic and MACD. If price makes a double bottom, but the Stochastic and MACD make higher lows, this is a signal to go long. The opposite for a double top in price.

    I guess I assumed based on the threads I read that this was a fairly well know method. There are a lot of other variables in the "subjective decision" to enter a position but this is the basis premise of the method.

    The goal is to capture 2 points per trade. Unfortunately, stop is also at 2 points. There are some variations on signals that represent an opportunity to capture more of a move.

    Does this help. Here is a very basic example of a buy signal.
  6. Based on your answer , I think that you are just spamming for them.
  7. Walther,

    I wish I could understand why you would say that. I am simply not qualified to teach a method I am trying to figure out. If you were not behind a monitor, I would not want you as a friend.
  8. gotta trade

    I tried to attach a sample of one of my charts, but I could not figure it out. Trying again

    It said file too big. Sorry.
  9. You can learn a lot about conv/dev setups at dacharts .

    Good Luck!
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    I learned the TIMES method through a friend and paper traded it for several months. I could not get it to work profitably. I also found that using the techniques on a 3 minute chart was more rewarding than the one minute. I have since found better trading methods, though I'm still paper trading. If you want something that works, check out Jack Hershey's posts (and his followers) in "The Stochastic Indicator" thread and the "Dawg pound" thread (Journals). That's my 2 cents.
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