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  1. If i move to an other thread after posting, and reply to something, should I have to wait a full minute to get the post to take? who else does this

    look its busted. can't help it if you dont get it
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  2. NeoTrader


    who cares? And as I recall you said this before... So you don't even do what you say... :D
    But keep it coming! We're all always having a laugh at your expense!;)
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  3. I almost got distracted by these idiots and missed the good AMD cover.

    fortunately, I didn't miss it
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  4. NeoTrader


    Yeah, right...:rolleyes:
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  5. JackRab


    Maybe it forces people to think about what they post and also it might make them post a slightly longer version instead of running up single sentences per post... like my sister does when she texts me... all those beeps drive me nuts.
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  6. where else is a forced 2 minute between post restriction imposed? lets make it an hour, so you can write War And Peace
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  7. vanzandt


    Soes.... if one goes by your timestamps here... and giving you a minute or two prior to the post.... you called that AMD short at $12 and you covered just north of $13. Thats not how its supposed to work right?
    There was no opportunity for a "good cover" in you timeline.
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  8. zdreg


    get your numbers right before posting. it is ....... don't post before you do the work.
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  9. vanzandt


    Since this is a useless thread anyway....

    If I traded YM... I'd go long as hell right now.
    (Gentleman) Trump will stick to the teleprompter and say all the right things as directed by his band of billionaires.
    Dow 30K tomorrow. :D
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  10. vanzandt


    Up 42 since last post. :D
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