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  1. some of us are actually capable of posting more than once per 2 minutes

    that delay is very annoying, and having to waste time for the timeout to end is a discouragement. to posting at all
  2. If you are able to post more than once every 2 minutes...you are an Elite Poster, o_O

    Kidding aside, if you do that...your posts are too short and not very thought-provoking and original and well thought out and thorough and properly punctuated -- which all posts should be.

    Be DEEP, it's 2018...High-Five`
    Learn to be semi-calm and mellow out a bit...put Som Sauce on dat thang,
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  3. Metamega


    This is a forum, not StockTwits
  4. who asked you, and welcome to my block list
  5. Metamega


    A sensitive one.
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  6. For you the delay should be in the days, not minutes.

    He's crazy.
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  7. NeoTrader


    It's funny how the guy up there announces when he alledgedly blocks someone... As if anyone gives a shit...
    I mean, why not simply block, period?:D
  8. tommcginnis


    "Right on!"
    Yeah -- I have found it a mite annoying in a hurry, but JEEEZ let's not be StockTwits.
    (No offense, SOES, but if you're sipping a whiskey when you're posting? You might consider taking a bigger sip, and ... just.... slow-inggggg... down-nnn-nnnn a bit.)
  9. 2 minutes or whatever it is, is way too long. whats the point?
  10. welcome to my block list ( i had to wait 90 seconds to get this to post) cudda traded my AMD short 5 times in that period .

    if the idea is anti spam, 2 minutes is unnecessary , 60 sec more than enough
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