Timely trading alert from rowshan

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Is the ** rowshan report ** valuable ?

  1. Yes absolutely, mr rowshan knows his stuff

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  2. No, not really

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  3. Do mice bark?

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  1. rowshan alert **

    leh plunged -$2 on monday to close @ $12.40 for a loss of -14% !!

    rowshan was all over this one BEFORE the fact !! rowshan made huge $$ here, proving the old time tested saying, "either it's rowshan, or it's wrong!"

    rowshan is still holding short, looking for more big day$ this week !!


    "either it's row$han, or it's wrong!"
  2. S2007S


    I guess we can say all major banks will be trading in the single digits over the next 6 months.
  3. Looking to tomorrow, I see another bank that goes down...stt.

    Looks to be a -10% or more !! Yey !!
  4. And you're still long the UYG from $29
  5. waggie on this thread we actually make trading ideas BEFORE the fact. Either you take a stand, or scram.
  6. Is there anyone on ET with the guts to take a stand and comment on stt?

    puretick? waggie? anyone..anyone..?
  7. stt will drop below $50 tomorrow morning. That's over -10% of drop BEFORE the fact.

    This is a "trading" message board, so i'm sure someone else has some thoughts on making +10% overnight.

    Thank you.
  8. mr. rowshan humbly thanks all of ET for their support. it makes row happy to know that over 50% of respondents are on row's side.

    row-shan ! row-shan !

    stt, down -10% tomorrow.
  9. allin


    Is this supposed to be like the "it's Bridgestone or Nothing" commercial?
  10. you ever gonna respond to me?
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