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  1. I have seen a lot of reference to speed in broker ads.

    Some clamed that their speed creates "unfair advantage" others quote mille seconds figures.

    So I am wondering..

    Is there a way to measure delay in the quote I receive and the time that my order travels to the execution? Are there ways to reduce that time? What speed is considered good?

    Thank you
  2. yes you can measure latency/delay

    good in my opinion is receiving data to your machine in anything under 2 milliseconds, very good is < 1ms, bad is anything over 25ms

    ymmv depending on your trading
  3. Unless your trading is automated, I don't see how "latency" has any meaning.

    If I remember my physiology.... it takes an average of about 700ms to "initiate action (muscle) in response to a stimulus", and about 300ms to execute an intentional neuromuscular act.

    That is, there is TONS more "latency" in a trader's "deciding to and actually doing" a trade than the electronic latency of the computer system.
  4. joe4422


    lots of cocaine speeds up that latency issue though, the one with the muscles.
  5. What about the "deciding to"? Does that speed up too?
  6. well, seeing as how this is the automated trading forum...

    the finer points of manual trader reaction times? really? talk about meaningless.
  7. Just a FWIW... I never though many ETers actually HAVE automated trading... more that they just WANT "automated"... after all, that IS the Holy Grail, is it not? (You know, turn on the computer in the morning... go play a round of golf, hoist a few at the 19th hole, come home and pick up the money.)

    Otherwise, Gomen. My post is in the wrong thread.... and I profusely apologize to all who were offended.
  8. WinstonTJ,

    Could you please suggest how I can measure these delays?
    and what I can do to reduce them?