Timeframe for ES

Discussion in 'Trading' started by danieljsalas, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. For Es which is your prefer timeframe, i did a search on the forums but no results, I try to look that the 60 min then 10 min. and entry and exit in 1 min. But some has suggest to go up to 3 min. because oyu get better signals

  2. There isn't just one chart to watch I look at a variety of time frames and frequencies and different times throughout the day, just to get another look a different reference.

    30 min time by 1 min frequency
    2 hour time by 1 min frequency.
    all day 5 & 15 min frequency.
    2 day also.

    whatever works for you
  3. ggoyal


    yep 1 minute for entry. 1minute DAY to watch whole day. I findmyself doing better with 1 mminute charts than 3 minute charts.

    And another reason why don't see the need to move to tick or volume/share bars. whatever you are most comfortable is what i say.