Timed Entry Execution

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by progers82, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Hi guys, this is pat rogers. Ive been trading at Red Sky for a good while now because I like their technology and their
    API. In the process, I have spent alot of time developing my special API to meet my needs of trading the futures. No stocks.
    I tried Ninja, and trademaven and they just didn't do what I wanted, EXACTLY how i wanted something done.

    Heres what I want to do: ask for a little feed back. I want to describe what it does and have you tell me if you think others would find this valueable to their trading.

    right now its only good at Red Sky and partial work has been done for Transact and Im looking into doing this for TT.
    ok heres what TEX does. (timed entry execution.
    1)enters market, bid,ask at an exact time
    2)also enters profit target(pt), stoploss(sl),breakeven(be) and trail(tl)
    3)tex can monitor more than one multi legged order
    4)tex can keep track of your favorite configurations of entry, pt, sl, be, tl and enter immediately.
    5)tex can exit at an exact time of your choosing
    6)if you enter the market, you can set pt, sl, be, tl as an oco and include exit time
    7)tex has a high low cut off so you can enter an order at an exact time and execute only if its between high low
    8)tex can enter orders and specify a time of when it has to be filled by or cancel and if filled, what time it will exit if pt, sl, be, tl is not filled.
    all orders placed by tex are held on the cme server and tex interacts with that order. no syntentic orders

    Ok, thats what I have developed. Im a legitimate contributor to ET and am not spamming. I want some input. If i created this for TT or IB would it be useful.
  2. one other thing that I forgot. I have written a dll that my TS8 software sends entry orders through this api to redsky and then after the enty i use tex to enter my oco pt, sl, be, tl with preprogrammed exit times. i absolutely trust this more than letting TS8 monitor my stops.
  3. Good work, points #7 and #8 are what I am trying to build as an add-on into my own ATS. For public consumption tho #4 (saving resusable configurations - and statistics) I would make the most robust.
  4. I WAS wondering if you are going to make this available to some of us that are using your previous work.
  5. id be glad to work with you on that. ill email you more details.