Time Warner Cable and IB Ports

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  1. Is anyone else with an IB account who uses Time Warner having connection issues?

    I got kicked of TWS this morning and can't log into TWS (but can get into WebTrader)

    I just contacted IB and they said TW is having problems with ports 4000 and 4001.

    Just curious if this is a system wide thing or just in my area (Los Angeles).
  2. Just an update:

    I contacted TWC and they asked me if I use a Belkin router and I told them no, I have a DLink DGL-4500. Then after leaving me on hold for an extended amount of time while she contacted her tech guy, the cs rep tells me its my router and I need to contact DLink (I'm rolling my eyes as she says this). I told her I've used this particular router for the past 18mos with TWS without a problem until this morning and haven't touched its settings during that time, and then asked her if TWC is blocking ports. She denied that they were blocking ports but she said her tech guy told her to have me reboot my modem and router (which is the first thing I did before calling them, and more than once).

    The long and short is that she denied that they were playing with ports and insisted the issue was with my router. After I hung up with her, I was curious if their tech guy flashed the modem while they had me on hold for so long so I tried rebooting again and magically was able to connect without a problem.

    Anyway, just thought I'd pass the experience on for other TWC customers/victims.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I switched over to openDNS a while back, as I noticed TWC was playing games with their DNS, and was generally slower at resolving names.

    A friend of mine who lives about 20mi away has FIOS and pays quite a bit less for more bandwidth and never has these kind of issues. Unfortunately, FIOS isn't offered in my neighborhood yet, so I'm stuck in TWC hell. Their cable service sucks even more than their net connection; Constant dropouts and third-world quality compression ratios.

    I'd love to dump TWC, but my only alternative is to sign up with AT&T, and that's more or less a contract with Satan himself, lol.
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    Don't you still have a choice of using Earthlink instead of Road Runner? When I lived there, they had that option. I believe Earthlink is a better choice for internet use than RR internet.
  5. Same situation here in Cleveland.

    Nice to see that TW sucks regardless of where you are at. lol

    I was looking hard at AT&T but they only allow so many HD streams at the same time, which didn't work for us. The TVs sit idle for most of the day and then for a few hours want HD on whatever TV, not have to play whose turn is it to watch on HD tonight.

    FIOS does appear to be the better/best option if you can get it currently.

  6. I had a T-1 connection with Earthlink at my business, but it was slower and more expensive than my TWC connection. Earthlink was also a nightmare to deal with; Their clueless CS is spread across Russia, India, etc, and they made it almost impossible to cancel the account (it took me three months, many letters, and almost hiring an attorney to get them to finally close my account). They make AT&T look like saints.

    Guess I'll just have to wait for FIOS, but I have the feeling we'll have cold fusion and time travel before I get fiber in my area, lol

  7. Yeah, TWC's suckage is legendary. They are definitely in a race to the bottom (and they're winning).

    Makes one wonder if they are owned by B of A (aka the Bank of Abuse) or something, lol.