Time to tally up the bets!

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  1. Okay, while I am busy setting up a PayPal account, someone find the threads where bets were made and post them here. AK, I am quite sure you are up to the task, but anyone else may do so as well. Remember that I am also going to accept voluntary exile as well getting 100 bucks over to Tsing.

    So lets get this documentation underway. It's gameday tomorrow!
  2. you and i have a bet.. i posted it in another thread. You are banned for a month if ocommie loses, i am banned for 2 if he wins. So if you are making other bets for 'exile' i hope you made the other party aware that u will already be banned, if it runs concurrently that is worthless for the other side of your bet.
  3. I foolishly said that I will retire this handle if Mittens wins. I stuck by it, so Obama needs to win, as I really really like this handle!
  4. pspr


    So, what's your new handle? Hoofhelper?
  5. either way 1 month ban. just cause you will lose your tag (with a loss) u will still have a 'sentence' to serve.
  6. I don't know who Hoofhearted is, I have an idea, but I won't say. Hoof is clearly well acquainted with all of us, so, that should give you a clue.:)
  7. Indeed, and I will serve it.
  8. Lucrum


    I don't know why. It has the reputation of a lying idiot trader wannabe.
  9. Luke, I can whip your sorry ass in a trading contest any ole time. As far as the rest that is just your Romnesia. Maybe one day a cure will be found.:D
  10. Just making sure. So ban starts at concession, agreed?
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