Time to take the 24

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by indahook, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. 1 month of study enough?
  2. More then enough....deerborne or STC book?
  3. Nordic


    If you recently took the 7 or have retained a lot of the regulatory crap, should be no problem.
  4. STC
  5. Took the 7 in 1996....barely remember what the securites act of 1934 is...uh oh :confused:
  6. that's the act the set up the SRO's right? :confused:
  7. uh....ok...is that the same thing as a tranche? :confused: :D


    That created SEC. Maloney Act of 1938 created NASD.

    Indahook, you should be fine. Obviously, the amount of time is irrelevant. As long as you truly understand most of the material you'll do well. I took 24 in 1992, an passed witha 70 on 1st shot. I would imagine it's been made more difficult.

    Good luck, Indahook! (and congrats on the new job)
  9. Thank you sir!
  10. The 24 Is a stupid stupid test.
    1 month should be more than enough, as long as you can remember and retain a lot of boring information.
    The deerborn book was good enough, however mine was outdated.

    The only interesting part in it was the capital requirements on being a market maker.

    Good luck and enjoy!
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