Time to take a break from Intraday Trading

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  1. I have decided in the last month that I would take about 12 months off from heavy intraday trading. I have been trading for many years now and this was my best year by far (total dollars earned). I will still maintain and trade my Long Term accounts as needed, per market conditions and opportunities that present themselves.

    I decided it was time to do something that I have REALLY REALLY wanted to do for some time now..........build a tangible asset! :D

    Here are my three choices to date;

    Lancair IV P - http://www.lancair.com/Main/iv_ivp.html

    Velocity TXL - http://www.velocityaircraft.com/airplane-models-txl.html

    Epic LT - http://www.epicaircraft.com/LT.html

    I will decide which kit I will build by the end of November, just after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Next, during the first week of December, I will purchase and have the kit shipped out to start off the building process. I am looking forward to a change of pace and working with a new challenge on a different level (NOT sitting in a chair all day and watching LCD screens....LOL!). Time to get off my a$$ and have some fun in my previous vocation.....aviation! :)
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    cool!! Have fun!
  3. Wow that is awesome. If you are doing it in Texas and want a hand LMK.
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    Hi there, my vote goes to Lancair.

    Why build a bus when you can build a sports car :D

    I started on a Vision aircraft kit about 8 years ago, and still haven't finished it yet.

    Have fun,

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    i like Lancair...looks cute!)
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    Now these are the posts I like to see! Sucessful traders having some fun w/their money.

    Looks like a lot of fun! Enjoy!

  7. No more day trading, try swing trading, less commissions, controlled risk given that you follow your risk parameters in whatever system you trade and possibly higher returns with less strenuous effort compared to jumping in and out daily.

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  8. Yes...I am familiar with the Vision. That is kind of like the Lightning which is pretty cool for an economical yet fast two seater......... http://www.flylightning.net/
  9. Yes....I also do swing or longer term trading at this time, but I am going to take a break from the 8 to 10 hour a day intraday action for awhile.
  10. Thanks....I have been addicted to airplanes since I was a little kid, so the urge is strong to get more active into aviation again. :)
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