Time To SwiftBoat McCain For His Suicide Attempt

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  1. He's not physically fit to be President though he might have been had he been elected in 00. Now he either speaks up about the suicide attempt as well as his general health or his candidacy dies on the vine.

    He's in way worse shape than Reagan was.

    I doubt also we've ever had a president with a suicide attempt in his background. Suicide was not a normal course of conduct for POWs in the Viet Nam war was it? Time to really PUSH THIS GUYS BUTTONS about his whole med story. He can't even get life insurance I'd bet.

  2. We can only hope that your suicide attempt will be a success.

    Can we get odds on this?
  3. Don't worry about me pal.

    Your candidate is dead meat over this. You can bet your bippy this is Subject # 1 in his war room right now.
  4. El Guapo - "Liver kick!" :D

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  5. He attempted suicide during his capture. If we were republicans, it would be "fair" game but we're dignified people.
    Their latest hail Mary pass, Joe the Plumber already failed to carry any traction. We'll win on the merits, no need for dirty tricks.
    Obama is up 11 % on today's tracking poll.
    They're TOAST.
  6. Get off the drugs. Why would it be subject #200 let alone #1.

    The last thing Obama wants to remind voters is that McCain's torture from the Viet Cong-i.e. his sacrifice for America- was so severe that he preferred death. If anything I'd cynically suggest McCain's handlers included the information because it's a bull item.

    Then again when a candidate won't release his transcripts from Columbia and Harvard it doesn't give me or other discerning voters a real fuzzy transparent feeling either. Think about it. A guy is about to be ejected President and no more than a dozen people in the country know if he went to school as an affirmative action applicant based on race. Pretty fucked up.

  7. McCain service in Nam is nothing short of Admirable, heroic . But again, he had the same biography in 2000. Why the GOP vote for the retarded privileged kid ?
  8. Hey you get off the fucking drugs Pabst - this isn't anything like whether obama is some affirmative action baby.

    McCain's got a problem here. If he's got 2 suicide attempts and a PTSD history he most likely can't:

    -get life insurance
    -a concealed carry permit
    -be a minuteman launch control officer
    -work in many areas in the civilian nuke industry
    -work civilian or national security
    - god knows what else - I can't even tell if he's under teh Americans With Disabilities Act. Does he get disability pay?

    Worse, look at his behavior. Apparently, he goes off the deep end when approached about psych history and records. He'd be a legal liability nightmare in the real world - a school board wouldn't hire him. In the real world, he'd have produce his whole medical history to collect in a bad car accident just like every other American.

    It will be interesting to see if prime media takes the NYT story further - McCain is hiding his medical records - simple as that.

    The psychiatric angle has been fair game since 1972 and Eagleton's electro shock treatments
  9. Actually I shouldn't be yelling here or at you Pabst - take it somewhere further up.

    Here's a light story for everyone:

    So long, suckers. Millionaire hedge fund boss thanks 'idiot' traders and retires at 37Andrew Clark in New York
    The Guardian, Saturday October 18 2008
    larger | smaller
    The boss of a successful US hedge fund has quit the industry with an extraordinary farewell letter dismissing his rivals as over-privileged "idiots" and thanking "stupid" traders for making him rich.

    Andrew Lahde's $80m Los Angeles-based firm Lahde Capital Management in Los Angeles made a huge return last year by betting against subprime mortgages.

    Yesterday the 37-year-old told his clients that he had hated the business and had only been in it for the money. And after declaring he would no longer manage money for other people, because he had enough of his own, Lahde said that instead he intended to repair his stress-damaged health; he made it clear he would not miss the financial world.

    "The low-hanging fruit, ie idiots whose parents paid for prep school, Yale and then the Harvard MBA, was there for the taking," he wrote. "These people who were (often) truly not worthy of the education they received (or supposedly received) rose to the top of companies such as AIG, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and all levels of our government," he said.

    "All of this behaviour supporting the aristocracy only ended up making it easier for me to find people stupid enough to take the other side of my trades. God bless America."

    Lahde became one of the biggest names in the investment industry when one of his funds produced a return of 866% last year, largely by forecasting the US home loans industry would collapse.

    In his farewell letter, which concluded with an appeal for the legalisation of marijuana, Lahde said he was happy with his rewards and did not envy those who had made even more money.

    "I will let others try to amass nine, 10 or 11 figure net worths. Meanwhile, their lives suck," he wrote, citing a life of back-to-back business appointments relieved only by a two-week annual holiday in which financiers are still "glued to their Blackberries".

    Lahde's retirement came amid an implosion among the hedge fund industry - some 350 of the funds have liquidated this year, according to Hedge Fund Research.

    His final words of advice? "Throw the Blackberry away and enjoy life."
    Printable version
  10. Have you ever served your country? Have you even imagined what it would be like to go through the severe beatings and bone breakings that McCain expirienced as a POW?? Thats the basis of the suicide contemplation. You have no idea.... shut your mouth because you are light years away from knowing whats its like to have walked in the man's shoes. McCain is one of our greatests war heroes..... case close. In battle... I would follow McCain, NOT Obama.)


    (as far as the election.... McCain is out of touch... insane.... and will lose to Obama.)
    #10     Oct 20, 2008