Time to start selling out of wheat

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  1. Double top forming near 900?

    I figured - what the hell, might as well start hitting the bid.

    What's the worst that could happen?
  2. put a stop in and don't avg in.

    the demand data isn't easing anytime soon.
  3. uhhh...
    limit up
    limit up
    limit up
    limit up
    limit up
    limit up

    (could you handle that?)
  4. So the data is in and everyone know it. Does that mean automatic up move? Sounds like easy money.
  5. No problemo handling 6 limit up moves. Don't know about 7 though...
  6. Just wondering why i didn't get the quote today.

    Limit up again?
  7. pkts


    Oh please...even the limit up moves in the last week or so weren't problematic. You could have gotten out every single time in the after hours. Only a problem if you are huge and frankly, you wouldn't be on ET.
  8. haha...spoken like someone who has never been in a locked limit market, either for or against you...

    W never really got locked....wait until (if it happens) we open locked on a Monday morning, and then open on the overnight locked too...that won't be pretty...

    watch the corn/wheat spread...it does look like it's turning...

    Very bullish data today out of Australia, and the markets took it in stride...

    OP may be right, if for just a short time..
  9. Hey don't listen to these people man they will be the people buying this market as it makes its multiple doller plunge!

    Dec/March getting absolutely no bid at all!
    Aussie number came out as bullish as bullish gets on the overnight and yet we still see dec/march sell off on the overnight with big locals crushing the spread. We close down 6 cents at the end of the day! This thing is done and there is no more bullishness left in this market. Still looking at the march/july spread. Looks to be the best opportunity if you can't/dont want to handle flat price in this kind of volatility.

  10. I dunno. Still a lot of hungry Indians and Banglideshis. Didn't they just get gov't OK to buy up to 17-20?? :D
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