Time to start building China shorts

Discussion in 'Economics' started by avarus, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. avarus


    China showing signs of economic slowdown. Negative news will begin surfacing over next 5 months.
  2. avarus


    The implications of the southern China snowstorms have yet to fully surface.
  3. zdreg


    why should snow storms affect the price of china stocks?
  4. The interesting thing has been how there has been panic buying of FXI and other chinese equities in the last few weeks as there has been diversification out of the dollar.

    Although, given the state of the financial system in china, that's like jumping out of the fire and into the frying pan. Not that I haven't seriously considered it myself however - it, like most scenarios right now - is like choosing between two almost equally bad choices.

  5. I like that metaphor.
  6. avarus


    "Mar. 9 (Bloomberg) -- China's inflation probably surged to another 11-year high in February on snowstorms that disrupted food supplies, making an interest-rate increase more likely."

    Here it comes. Bad news follows bad news.
  7. vikasd


    If China is slowing down who is driving the sales at RIO in Brazil?

    The demise of China Bull is greatly exagerated.
  8. chiness stock market isnt doing so well now because of government policy to cool it down and large amount of liquidity been pulled out of the market to invest in the US because of the "cheap" prices.

    how all this will end, who knows. btw you cannot short or daytrade in the chinese stock market, and there are no options..yet.
  9. Mvic


    China stock market is being flooded with new issuance which is why it isn't running up as before.
  10. vikasd


    The health of Shanghai stock market and Hang Seng is not a good indicator of the economy right now. As I asked who is RIO (CVRD) is exporting to if the economy is cold?

    I suspect those guys are engineering the market to peak around the time of olympics as it will look good. Not having any market mechanisms to arbitrage we have to just watch.
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