Time to short?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by billb2112, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. The cubes have busted the upper bollinger, slow stochs are overbought, the VIX stochs are oversold ... this is a pristine setup ... or is it?
  2. And gap on NDX filled....

    Frankly I am looking for 850 SPX expiry... but I am not trading it beyond the positions I have... and taking profits on the way up. Further like last expiration (which was not triple witch) IF the SPX closes far above 850 (where there is a lot of put/call open interest)... then look for a decent and tradeable down move/retracement next week!


  3. I sold my QQQ's yesterday afternoon. I think we are short term overbought and there are some individual stocks that look better.

    Not time to short however, too risky. The intermediate term trend has turned bullish.
  4. Husky02


    this is one week technicals wont be that helpful, i agree with the short term being over sold, but we are currently riding a stress test for the market and it's just as possible that resistance levels are now support levels....you can do all the TA you want right now, but in the end you will ultimately be throwing a coin up in the air.
  5. Technically , yes . In the light of recent end near future events, everything might turn upside down, watch Wednesday morning for some news.
  6. If we don't make new highs this afternoon, the markets are probably going to go down. It's time to my deep in the money puts.
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    time to down size.