Time to short Euro again?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by blox87, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. blox87

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    Right at the trendline.... Quick little upthrust and failure to breakout on the 5 min.

    I'm short at 1.2708

    Anyone else think its a good time to short?
  2. blox87

    blox87 Guest

    5 min
  3. jonp


    that is a great short. In my opinion the eur/usd is back to the 24's before it even touches the 28's.
  4. I reached the same conclusion when it touched 1.2710 two hours ago. Now that others are reaching the same conclusion, I think I need to reconsider/double check.
  5. Coolio


    all I know is that it has been a long wait.
  6. I wish you well.
  7. speres


    nice short ive been eyeing that level last few weeks... 1.220 is a huge zone obviously, I'll be taking some profit above that tho, 2480 ish, dont think we gonna get commitment back to the d trend just yet... another run up then.. maybe....

  8. You guys are crazy the market has bottomed and correlation tells us that the euro will go higher with the market
  9. Blox - I like the trade. I don't think the downward trend has been broken at all. What time horizon are you looking at? Looks like its @1.255 now. However, Be careful with US Earnings this week. Many stocks will have pretty good earnings (Many banks with artificial earnings) and may cause investors to put risk back on the table, including Euro denominated securities. I think Alcoa just posted Above estimated earnings.
  10. speres


    crazy, who you calling crazy? 1.2700 was a great place to take a short and some juicy pips, it was a no brainer.... you be crazy not to take some quick pips there
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